Orange Money Web payment

Orange Money Web payment

With the Orange Money Web payment solution, you can now sell your products and services online safely.

Are you an e-commerce company in Cameroon? In order to guarantee the payment of your products and services, you can integrate the Orange Money Web payment solution.

How it works?


Orange Money Web Payment is an invitation-only solution.
First of all, make sure you have the administrative documents of Cameroon:

  • Taxpayer's card
  • Trade register.
  • Articles
  • CNI DG
  • Bank details

Then, after creating your site, log on to the Orange Developer site to send your login request.
You will then receive by mail all the modalities of connection to the Orange Money Web Payment offer in Cameroon.


Customer benefits :


  • A simple solution to put in place
  • A test environment available to facilitate your development
  • A view on the evolution of your merchant balance




Billing of the Orange Money Web payment solution is done by applying a decreasing rate on the monthly values ​​collected.