#203# My store

#203# My store

Access the Orange Cameroon USSD store and make your services available without internet connection.
Contact us at digital.partner@orange.com.

The # 203 # My store allows you to ensure the availability of your services via a single USSD portal. Your customers can benefit from your services without an internet connection.


How to subscribe?

You want your services to be available on the # 203 # My Store? Contact us at digital.partner@orange.com.


Customer benefits:

  • The installation of the service does not require interconnection.
  • You host your service yourself.
  • Your service is available on any type of telephone, even without a connection.



Billing for # 203 # My Store is done in two ways:

  • Per transaction: This billing mode corresponds to the services you want free for your customers. In this case, you transfer to Orange 5 FCFA / transaction.
  • By communication credit: Your customer is charged for the content provided. You can collect your customer during the act of purchase or by subscription (daily, weekly or monthly). Income sharing is made between Orange and the subscriber on duty at the end of each month.


For more information contact us at digital.partner@orange.com.